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Mt.Nishibetsu Hike【Have a great time looking at pretty alpine plants and gorgeous views of Mt.Mashu And Lake Mashu.】

This is the tour to enjoy seeing many alpine plants and listening to the sound of the bush warblers.

Walking in the woods surely makes you feel peaceful and you can’t miss gorgeous views of Mt.Mashu after walking up the steep slope called “Gaman Zaka”, which means “Endurance Slope” in English.

Also, Lake Mashu’s mysterious blue color, which is often called “Mashu Blue” is waiting for you. Please have a great time walking on the Mt.Nishibetsu trail.

Tour period



9 hours



Tour fee

10,000JPY per person for more than 2 participants

 5,000JPY per child over 10 years old

 20,000JPY for solo participant


What to wear and bring

warm clothes, rain jacket and pants, hiking boots, hat, gloves,

thick socks, backpack, synthetic fibers underwear, sunglasses, gaiters,

lunch, drinking water, hike foods, towel, tissue paper, portable toilet bags,

bugs repellent, band-aid, sunscreen cream, phone



More info

  1. The tour can be canceled due to the bad weather or sudden weather changes

              (full refund before the tour and no refund after the tour)

  1.   The maximum number of the participants is 4 people.

  2. Medical check-up and temperature check before the tour

  3.   You can’t join the tour if you have any symptoms of the covid-19.




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