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Mt. Mokoto Hike~Enjoyable Hike Surrounded by Beautiful Lake and Mountains~

 Please enjoy the amazing hike that gives you gorgeous views of Lake Kussharo,

the largest crater lake in Japan, Mt.Shari, known as the master of this region, Mt.Rausu,

the highest mountain in Okhotsk area and other Shiretoko mountain range.

If the weather is good, you can view Mt.Oakan and Mt.Meakan in the distance.

 They are so beautiful. You’ll have a great time seeing pretty alpine plants and listening to bush warbler’s chirpings while walking.

Tour period

From early June to late October


7 hours including transportation and hiking

Tour Fee

15,000JPY/ per person for more than 2 adult participants

5,000JPY /per child over 10 years old

25,000JPY for solo participant


Appropriate clothing and boots for hiking

Hiking boots, rain wear (jacket and pants),

warm clothes, hat, gloves, thick socks, extra underwear, etc.

Gear and other things

backpack, gaiters, camera, lunch, hike foods (candies, chocolate,etc)

towel, tissue paper, drinking water, sunscreen cream, sunglasses,

portable toilet bags, bug repellent spray, band-aid, etc.


  1. The tour will be canceled due to the bad weather

  2. The tour can be canceled due to the sudden weather change even after the start.

  3. Maximum number of the participants is 


Guide registered with Connectrip

Tour Start

Connectrip, 821-2 Yobito, Abashiri, Japan, 099-2421





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